Thursday, 22 August 2013

Learning to ride....any tips?

Jake has been wanting to learn how to ride his bike without his stabilisers this last week so we've been taking him on to the grass area around the corner from out house as its closed off and quiet. He's doing well, he just finds it hard to go fast enough to balance himself, as soon as i let go he turns around to look at me lol. It would be great if he would do it confidently by himself before school starts.
 How old was your little one when they learnt to ride? 
Do you have any tips on helping them learn?  
Jake is 4 ... 5 next month. 

laura x


  1. If it helps, when I was learning to ride a bike my parents would put a couple of sweets or 50p a little distance away from me and if I cycled to it I could have it. Bribery, but it worked haha


    1. Ohhhh!!!! thats such a good idea haha! im going to try that one tomorrow! :) xxx


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