Sunday, 28 July 2013

D.I.Y Cake Pops....

Ever since i had a cake pop at the Leeds FABB event I've been craving another! 
I made them for the first time a few days ago and they are so easy to do and taste so good! 

All you need is-
Cake mix
Chocolate buttercream 
Bar of chocolate

How to Make-
1. Make up a cake or buns. I used a chocolate mix and made around 12 buns then left them to cool.
2. Break them up so the are crumbled.
3. Mix in the chocolate buttercream and make them into little balls.
4. Put in the sticks and put them in the freezer for around 30 minutes.
5. Melt you bar of chocolate and dip in the frozen cake pops. The melted chocolate will harden smoothly straight away from the coldness of the cakes.
6. Sprinkle on you topping :)

How easy is that!
Its a great little activity to do with the kiddies through the holidays or if your having a party.

Laura xxx


  1. i might make some of these for Siennas first birthday party! I am already starting to think of what i can do and planning it! ARGHHH! lol xx

    1. ohhh would look so cute with pink sprinkles or 1st birthday paper sticker things.
      ah, how is it coming around so quickly!!! x

  2. so clever yet so easy.. :)
    tempted to do some for babies christening..


  3. I've always wondered how to make these! It does seem ever so simple but unless someone explains it, I don't think I'd have figured out how to do these! Thanks for the post - I've bookmarked it so that I can come back and follow your steps when an occasion comes along :) xx


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