1 May 2013

My daily moisturiser...

I have been loving this moisturiser for the last few months, it is the perfect all over everyday cream. I usually have two or three moisturisers i use but this one has been a staple since i started using it. As I've said before im so picky when it comes to my moisturiser and i feel i really need it to hydrate my skin. I'm always left with an awful dry/tightness if i don't apply a good moisturiser straight away after washing my face. I like them to feel light, I've tried one out recently and it felt like it was drying on my face which i hate. When I've moisturised i want to be able to apply my makeup over and it feel like its going on smooth and this is perfect for that. I've also great to used all over. I usually use it on my arms on a morning its just really quick and easier than having to use too different creams.I use it on my stomach too as the Vitamin E in it helps reduce stretchmarks, which yes after having three babies unfortunately i do have :( .Another great thing about this cream is the price! Its super cheap, it lasts a long time and the scent is really nice too.


  1. ooh this sounds lovely! i've never heard of this brand before x

    1. Its great, espeshily for the price! :) xx


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