22 September 2014

What she wears | Lifestyle

I am quickly becoming addicted to the Zara kids range, they have so many cute things this season. I have so many dresses on my list {thats never ending} to get Emme. I called in last week as I had seen some boots online but when we got there they didn't have her size, typically they had the size smaller and size up. So I decided I would get them online when I got home as they are the only boots I've seen that I have totally fallen in love with. You know when you are looking for something and no where sells what you want...well this was them. I ended up finding a really cute coat that was so fluffy on the inside, I couldn't not get it. As well as this snood she has on in the pictures. Luckly they had the shoes online which I ordered....along with a cute mustard top.

'I feel like these boots will go with so many cute outfits over the winter!'

Bow headband - The Bow Boutique
Shirt- Next
Shorts - Next
Tights - Next 
Boots - Zara
Snood - Zara

Laura x
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17 September 2014

Loom Twister {Giveaway}

 As promised today I have a lovely giveaway of the very addictive loom bands! This Loom twister kit as 2500 looms, 50 clips, 6 cute little charms, 2 hooks, a hook tool and the case comes with dividers to separate the different coloured looms. 

My boys got hooked on them after seeing their cousin Brooke making loads of different things with her's. She made a phone case, differently characters {Elsa, Anna, Repulzel}, Charms {Snow flakes, lollys, candy cane,} Gloves, Monkey and loads more she is so good at working out how to do the different designs. Hobby Craft also have a post with 20 different design ideas.

I thought a Loom giveaway would be perfect as I know so many parents will have children who love to make different things with them.... as well as some of you parents too ;). 

This kit is a £10 from HobbyCraft which I think is a great bargin! One thing I noticed about this pack is the looms are alot thicker than the ones we have used before, they haven't snapped like others we have tried seemed too. The loom makes it alot less fiddly too too.

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Giveaway kit will kindly be sent from Hobbycraft

15 September 2014

The cuteness | Floral Shoes {The Bow Boutique Discount Code}

 Ahh these shoes... I love these! This is yet another post I drafted and forgot to post although I absalutley love these pictures of Emme so I wanted to share. This little outfit is one Emme wore alot. I really like the tights under shorts when its a bit cooler.

These floral shoes are some that I found in Mothercare when I went a little bit shoes crazy and bought her about 5 pair at once! Typically her little feet are growing fast and she hardly got any wear out of most of them. These however were my favourite of them all. The pretty pink cape and headband is from The Bow Boutique. She has about 5 different colours in the capes too because they are so perfect with every outfit. I have a post of her cream on here and sand one here.

We are still in the process of changing the website so I have been crazy busy with that this week trying to get it all finished{ nearly there now}. I have been trying lots of new beauty products this week though which I can't wait to post about. I have a few giveaway's coming up too!

10% OFF The Bow Boutique using the code 'LAURAEMMA'

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11 September 2014

Birthday Part Two {Best Toys}

This is a follow on post from yesterdays as I mentioned {Here}. I wanted to mention these toy's as both the boys and Emme have been really loving recently. Luckily we have had some better weather this week so they have been able to get out and have some fun with them.

For the longest time Cambell has asked for one of the Cosy Coupe cars. Whenever we go to a play area he will play in one or if we go to his nana's house he will play with Jason's little sisters. With them being quite big I would always put of getting one. When it was coming up to his birthday I asked him what he would like and again the Cosy Coupe came up and it was all he would ask for obviously he is getting bigger and I wondered if he would even still fit in one! I was speaking to my sister about it and her son has one, he is a year older than Cambell and still likes to play in his. I have also recently changed the boys room about to bunk beds again so they have alot more space. I knew 100% he would love it and play in it all the time and when he did grow out of it Emme would still get use from it. We got Cambell a little Minnie Mouse car for his first or second birthday which he still plays with now...everytime we get in the car he will sit it on his knee and pretend he is driving the car which also made me want to get him the bigger one. So over the last month or so I had been looking around to get one for him. I loved the police ones and the pink ones are so cute. We finally found this one at Asda it was the cheapest I could find it too, the other shops were £45 or £50.

Cambell absalutley loves it although Emme love's a lot too and is definitely not happy if she can't be in it constantly! We will definitely get some good use out of it. It's one of them toys that is everyone's favourite, If you have the room I would 100% recommend them if you have a birthday coming up or looking for Christmas present ideas and its a bargain at £40 for the playing time they will get out of it....yup it's time to start thinking of Christmas already! I really need to start buying soon but I still have Jakes birthday coming up later this month!Its great for smaller toddlers too as there is a little bottom 'floor' you can pop in if they are too small to reach the floor with I never knew about until it was left over at the end of putting it up!The boys love pretending to fill it up with petrol too with the little petrol door on the side which is so much fun for them. 

They have been really loving this Little tikes easy score basket ball net  too. The hight can be adjusted which is perfect as Emme is alot smaller than the boys but she can still play with it on the lower setting. As soon as she saw this out she kept running up and putting the ball in the net. I though it these toys would just be a boy thing but I've been proven wrong! This would be great for 1-6/7 year olds. They boys have been having so much fun with it. They play like they are a real team and try to be all professional- ha. Cambell is 5, Jake is nearly 6  and I can see Jake still having alot of fun with this for a long time. I put a video of Emme playing with it on my instagram yesterday because she's just too cute!This was also from Asda and only £25! It's quite a bit present too for the price if your thinking about it as a birthday/Christmas gift. I had a friend as where it was from straight  away as she said she had been looking all over for one.

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*These were sent for review although I was already planning to buy for Cambell's birthday.
100% my own honest words.NOT sponsored 

9 September 2014

Birthday Boy

I can't believe my baby is 5 already! Cambell is at the stage now where he knows its his birthday and what happens. He said to me yesterday that we need to go to bed early so the birthday fairy could come to put his presents and banners out. So cute! Before now I felt like it was more of a surprise and that he didn't really know until the day.

He woke me up this morning all excited to come down stairs to see if the 'Birthday fairy' had been. We sat and opened his presents before school. It was his first day staying for dinners today then he finished at one.He starts full days on Thursday which he's really excited about.

When they boy's got home we went outside to play for a while then after Jason had got back from the gym we had a little tea party and had some cake.Then played some Frustration {my favourite game when I was little} and Guess who.

I always find it amazing every year that my two boys are they same age for a few weeks. I now have two 5 year old until Jakes birthday on the 26th. I love that they are so close in age, they get on so well. It's been really nice for Cam starting big school too as he plays with Jake at break and then he sat with him at dinner today which I though was so cute.  

We have a few new 'bigger-ish' toys that they have all been loving which I was going to add into this post but it would have crazy amount of pictures if I did so you can see them {here} instead. They are great if you are already thinking of what christmas presents to buy.

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8 September 2014

{Lifestyle | Eden Camp}

I love these pictures. I'm having so much fun with my new camera, definitely still need to work on it though especially indoors. There's so much more to dslr's, I'm really looking forward to learning more about it though. 

Last week we went to Eden Camp for the day. I had been before with school when I was younger so now the boys are a bit older I knew they would love it. We would go around a few of the huts then to the play area the back to look around then back out to the play area. Luckily the sun came out, we have had awful weather recently but it was really warm.

It is Cambell's birthday tomorrow which is so exciting, I really can't believe he's going to be 5! I found one of the little sweet pizzas that I think he's going to love.

Laura x

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5 September 2014

Cannon Hall {Lifestyle}

I have just come across these pictures saved in my drafts to go up from a few week ago when we went to Cannon Hall. It's a really nice place to take the boys and Emme when we want to go for a walk.It's near Jason's mums so we usually call in there after. It has a farm that has recently been changed although we didn't go in on this day we just went round the old house{which is free} and we when round the gardens in the front of the house.

It's Cambells 5th birthday on Tuesday so I have being trying to get things sorted for him. I need to get his cake and some party foods over the weekend which I love doing. I get so excited for birthdays, getting all the balloons set up for when they come down on the morning. They always have a little dinner party for tea too with some cake for after..of course!

He has been asking for one of the Cosy coupe cars for so long, if we are ever out he always plays in them and its is all he has been asking for so even though he is going to be 5 we have given in now he has more space in his bedroom to put it. I know 100% that he will play with it all the time. He has a little Minnie mouse car that he got for maybe his 1st birthday and he uses it in the car every time we go out to pretend he is driving with me or Jason.  When he does grow out of it Emme will get to play in it too.


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