1 September 2014

What's on my face?

This is what I have found myself reaching for daily over the last month or two.  I have been sticking to the basics...unless I'm going out for dinner etc then I'll add some eye shadow but this is what I will go for most days.

Rimmel {Wake me up} Foundation.
Before I tried this I hadn't used drugstore foundation for years. I always stuck to mac but this is half the price and amazing! It gives the perfect amount of coverage.

Collection (Lasting perfection} Concealer.
I can't even remember how many times I've repurchased this. 100% the best concealer I have tried.

Bourjois Bronzer
I wanted a change from my mac harmony so tried this bronzer again after not having it for a while and I really like it. I really want to try the new one that has half a highlighter, half bronzer.

So Susan {blush}
This is one I that I think is from a glossybox a few month ago. I have been using it everyday since I got it.

Loreal {Mascara}
I'm sure this one is from a Glossybox too. It's really nice, makes lashes nice and long but not clumpy. Its easy to get off at the end of the day too.

Rimmel {Scandaleyes} eyeliner.
I have had this so many times. Best eyeliner!

Hd Brows.
I had had this a while and came back to it after my Anastasia brow powder ran out. I'm really liking the lighter brown shade.

Bodyshop {highlighter}
I got this as a replacement for my mac soft and gentle untill I could get to a mac shop to buy another. Its a good highlighter and does the job. I do love my soft and gentle though.

Mac {Angel} Lipstick
Great everyday colour.

Laura x
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31 August 2014

Evening Walks {Lifestyle}

I've said it many times but I love going out for walks on a summer afternoon. Even though we arn't having the greatest weather it seems to be the nicest around 5-6 in the afternoon. We like to find different places go to keep it fun for the boys. Yesterday we went to the local park but instead of going where we could normally we went around the path at the back of the house tracks. Its much easier with the pushchair, than going around the actual track like we usually do when we go for the long walk round.

I feel like these holidays have gone way too quickly. I love when the boys have time off school. If I could, I would have them home everyday. This time last year I was so nervous about Cambell starting nursery and Jake going into full time as he was very shy. It's so strange how things change, when the boys were younger we would of never of thought we would worry about Cambell at school as he was the louder more confident one and Jake was shy. Now they have switched and Cambell is quieter when he's around people he doesn't know that well.

He's alot like me, If you've ever met me you'll probably notice I'm quite 'shy/quiet' at first then once I know someone I'm the total opposite, which is just how Cambell is. He did start getting alot more confident as he went though nursery and has his best friends.Starting full time mean's alot of change's though so I am definitely feeling nervous about those first few weeks. The full days, having to stay for dinner and learn that routine. He has a new class room/teachers, luckily it's the class room Jake has been in last year so he knows it well. Having PE and getting changed into his kit. They go into the big playground with the older children too which really upset Jake when he started as the school goes up to year 6 so the older boys are alot bigger, they run around and knock into the younger ones by accident which really scared Jake. So that worry's more with Cambell too. 

Wow well I started writing about our little trip out and went off on a totally different subject! 
Where do you go on walks? 
Is your child starting school this year? nursery or full time? What are your thoughts?

Laura x
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29 August 2014


Another little cute Emme outfit. The skirt is still a little big on her but I think this is so cute, it definitely makes her look older. I feel like I want to put her in pink everyday...it really suits her. With the new winter clothes coming out I couldn't help but make a start on her winter wardrobe. She absolutely  loved her frilly socks, sat saying 'wow' for at least 5 minutes after I put them on :).

From next week it's just going to be Emme and I, all day everyday now Cambell is starting full time with Jake. It's going to be so strange having both the boys gone all day, it will definitely be alot quieter! I'm hoping we get some sun this week so we can have some nice days out.

Headband {The Bow Bouitque}
Shirt {Next}
Skirt {Next}
Socks{ Gift from nana}

Laura x
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26 August 2014

Braids {Outfit}

I've been loving wearing my hair like this recently. Braid at one side, twisted at the other and tied together at the back. It's so easy and super fast to do{needed with 3 children}. I'm in desperate need of my hair doing at the minute, I just haven't got round it yet. Normally I do it myself or my sister does it for me{she use to be a hairdresser}. I think I'l call round one night this week for her to do it.

I'm hoping to call to Ikea this afternoon to get some shelves for the boys room. I've wanted to do the a little reading corner for so long but they never really had room but now I've moved their room around they have plenty of space. I'd love to do one in Emme's room too but I think I'll wait until she has a big bed up so I can see where they would go best as she has a smaller room.

I really like high waisted jeans at the minute. I find them so much more comfortable than low rise ones. I wish I could remember the name of these so I could buy more.

Blazer {Newlook}
Tshirt {Ark}
Bag {eBay}

Laura x
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24 August 2014

ME { Fifty Things }

These kind of post's are always fun to get to know a few things about the person's blog you are reading. I have done a few tags in the past, probably in 2010 so a updated one was probably needed. 
1. I'm a libra.
2. I got engaged on my 21st birthday.
3. I have a golden retriever.
4.We adopted her when she was a few month old as the first owners daughter was allergic.
5. My boys have an 11 month age gap.
6. Which means for a few week every year my boys are the same age.{kinda}.
7.My oldest is 6!!!next month.
8.I met Jason when I was 15.
9. I own my own business {with my older sister}.
10. I love baking.
11. I passed my driving test in 2007.
12. My first car was a ford KA. 
13. I live on toast.{ quick and easy}
14.but my favourite food is Chinese.
15. I have been addicted to youtube since 2008.
16. My favourite place is Isle Of Wight.
17. I can't wait to get married. 
18. I always go over the top on peoples birthdays to make them feel special.
19. My favourite day of the year is Christmas eve.
20. I love my new camera.{just need to learn how to use it properly}
21. I have 3 sisters.
22. I have only been abroad once. { now I think I'd be too scared to fly}.
23. I went to Ireland on a ferry when I was younger with my friend & her family.
24. I'm addicted to instagram.
25. My favourite colour is mint. 
26. Thinking of 50 things is hard.
27. I love family traditions.
28. I think being a mum is the best thing in the world.
29. I have a rabbit called Bow.
30. I have never take off the ring Jason bought me with his first wage when he was 16.
31. Emme is named after my nana. Her middle name is May which is my nana's name.
32. Jakes middle name is after Jason's grandad.
33. Cambell's middle name is after my dad.
34. I am always on facetime.
35. Soft & gentle from my is my favourite highlight ever!
36. I am left handed.
37.{ I think Emme is too}
38. My Nana, mum & sister are also left handed.
39.  My birthday is 30th September.
40. I'm scared of going on a plane.
41. I talk to my sisters for hours a day.{while doing other things}
42. I can't remember not having a blog.
43. Pretty little lairs
44. Vampire Diaries
45.Breaking bad
46. Prison break
47. The lying game.
48. Secret circle.
50. Are some of my favourite programmes.
Wow 50 things is so much harder than you'd think!! I tag everyone reading, link your fifty things below so I can come over :).

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23 August 2014

Emme {Dancing in Apples}

I think this little outfit of Emme's is so cute, although it does make her look more grown up {crys}. Can you believe how big she's getting?! I can't! It doesn't seem two minutes ago I was writing up my pregnancy posts. Oh actually talking of baby things, I'm thinking of getting Emme a new pushchair for the school run's. One a bit lighter so if you have any recommendations let me know.

Since it's the holidays we've been having a few days out and going for walks when we can and this is what Emme wore. Her outfit of apples ha! I bought her this cute little apple skirt from next {didn't realise it was apple at first} but it goes perfectly with her apple shabby headband

I'm going to try doing a few little outfit posts more often. She is just crazy and runs all over!!

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22 August 2014

Eton Mess {Easy Recipe}

This is the most amazing desert EVER! I can't believe I'd never had it before this week {post}. It was so good I wanted to make it the next day just so Jason and the kiddies could try it... Ok not just so they could try it but shhh. I did really want Jason to try it though. So instead of looking up recipes I just went to the shop and bought what I though was in it. Its not very had its only 4 things, but I did guess on the sauce.

I picked up double cream, I got the Elmlea brand I think it was about 80p. Meringue nests (I got some mini ones too but they aren't needed.) For the sauce I found some mixed berry mousse. Finally to top it off Strawberry's!

It is so simple to make and if you have never made it you need to! 
1. Whip some double cream, wish an electric whisk if you have one its much faster than by hand.
2.Add some of the strawberry mousse into the cream.
3.Crumble the meringue into the cream.
4 Add to bowl & pop in the fresh strawberry's!

So easy and cheap. Not going to lie we've had it for desert everyday this week. I do like to add more strawberry's, Emme loved her strawberry's too so I fill most o her bowl with strawberry's for her. If you try it let me know!

Laura x
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