19 August 2014

Dining at {The Light Leeds, Event}

On Monday I headed back to Leeds for an amazing night {as always} at The Light. I love meeting up with other blogger's.Night's at The Light with the girls from Carousel are always great. Just like last time for each course we went to a different restaurant in The Light.We met at Cafe Rouge for a little pre drink and nibbles {almonds & olive's}.

Starter's were served at Miller & Cater where we had different plates to choose from with pork, prawn, chicken & nachos. I'm starting to like to try new foods that I haven't had before which I got to do here.I used to just stick to the'safe' option. I'm finally getting a bit more adventurous which is sometimes great to find new foods, sometimes you find things you don't like,Scallops being one of them for me.

Main was at Frankie & Benny's where we were greeted to big platers of food. I really enjoyed the chicken wraps & salad while Jessica tried the burger. The definitely catered to everyone's needs. 

One thing you can count on while Jessica and I are together is that we laugh, alot. We always have fun whenever we do anything. I came to the conclusion we should Vlog while together. They would definitely be funny. {Maybe one day} 

Finally for desert we headed over to Browns {same as last time}. We expected to get the brownies again as they were such a big hit when we were last here. This time however we had the best desert I've ever had Eton Mess. It was amazing. I can't wait to have it again. I may even try making it myself.

The girls at Carousel are always so lovely to see and have a chat with. Hopefully there will be another dining night to see everyone again, It's always a great night.

Laura x
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18 August 2014

{ ME } || Contouring & Highlighting ||

Q1. When did you learn about highlighting & contour? Who inspired you to start?
To be honest I can't remember the exact time learnt about contouring.I definitely learnt more about make up when I started watching youtube in 2008. I loved watching xsparkage. 

Q2. Do you like to highlight & contour everyday or just for special occasions? 
I highlight/contour everytime I wear makeup. It's just my routine now to do it, I don't think I could do my make up without doing it. 

Q3. Do you prefer powder or cream based products? 
Right now I prefer powder based products. I just find them easier to work with. I do love the look of cream based products though.

Q4. Favourite contour product? (High end & Drugstore) 
I have a few contour products that I like, the one I'm using at the minute is Bourjois chocolate bronzer.I have bought this one a few times. I also like harmony from mac as a contour and the Chanel Soleil tan.

Q5. Favourite highlighting product? (High end & Drugstore) 
My favourite highlighter of all time is mac soft & gentle 100% best highlighter I've ever used! Mine ran out a few weeks ago...totally ran out I used every last  bit of it! So at the minute I'm using a kind of 'dupe' for it which is one from the body shop. It's no where near as amazing but it's still good. I will definitely be repurchasing soft and gentle as soon as I can get to a mac store though.

Q6. Do you contour/highlight before or after foundation? 
I always do it after doing my foundation. I will let my foundation set while doing my brows and eyes then go back to highlight/contour.

Q7. What are your favourite application & blending tools?
I use my real techniques brushes which I love!

Q8. Give us your Top Tip!
Use a spray to set your make up and take away any 'cakeyness'. I love mac fix+. 

If you do this tag please link it below so I can come over & see your favourite products :)
Laura xx

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17 August 2014

The one with the... { #shhealthysmile event}

On Thursday I was invited to spend the evening watching the first four episodes of FRIENDS. Who could say no to that?! I've seen every episode friends..more than a few times, I probably know each episode word or word. I feel like everyone's like that with Friends though? It just never gets old or boring, and watching the first episodes again this week they were even funnier. Can you believe it's been 10 years since the last episode and 20 YEARS!! since it all started. 

We met at the Everyman Cinema in Trinity Leeds and went into a private area for a drink then behind a curtain was an amazing private screening room with the cosiest chairs. I wish every cinema was like this, I would definitely go more often!

Simplyhealth are promoting the idea that 'Laughter is the best medicine' and that the best thing is laughing with other people 'Friends'. Laughter can change your perspective on life, bring you joy and fill it with positivity. Which I totally agree with, everything is better when you are laughing.

We had a good giggle watching the episodes and playing a little game of the best Friends quotes on twitter. It was great watching with other people, especially bloggers, the atmosphere was great with everyone laughing at the amazing Friends punch lines just made the night. 

I went along with my sister Jessica from {PeachyNotes}

Big thank you to Joe Bloggers and #shshealthysmile for a fun night

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15 August 2014

Day out {Getting caught in the rain}

A few days ago we wanted to get out of the house & go for a walk. I feel like the last few weeks we have just has so much rain we haven't really got to do much. Last week we had bad floods- there were cars that you could only see the roof, they were under that much water! Jason broke down on the way to work too, the car had a pool of water on the floor, luckily it started the next day and just needed an oil change- phew. 

Anyway we decided to go for a walk around a local water park we had a play in the play area then a walk around the lake. The boys loved seeing the ducks and having a run around. Just as we got back to the play area it started it rain so we had a take shelter under the conker tree for a 10 minutes while it stopped which was one of them things the boys will always remember. We wanted to collect a few conkers but unfortunately all the ones that had fallen weren't ready.

It was a fun little trip though we love going for walks. I can't wait until Jason's days off this week to go somewhere. It's nice to get out of the house for a few hours, the kids can have a run about and its free.

Laura x
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14 August 2014

How to | Blogging | {6 Ways to improve your Blog}

I love reading post that can give me tips and ideas. I love reading something that gives me inspiration to write a post. I wanted to share a few things that I find help with blogging and improving your blog. After blogging for a long time its nice to switch things up to give you that inspiration to find new posts or if your just starting out these are the things I would say are most useful things to know.

1} Design
I played about with my designs by myself for the last 5/6years? I have no idea about HTML stuff and it just confuses me like crazy so I would just stick to changing my header on photoshop and playing around with the writing but I recently {as you can probably tell} paid for a design, from someone who knows what they are doing. It was one of them things that I never wanted to pay some one else to do but I am so happy I finally did it. It was definitely worth it and if you look about {something us blogger's are good at doing} you can find some good designs at an affordable price.  

2} Photos
I think one of the most important things on a blog is the pictures and the quality of them, especially now alot of blogger's have amazing cameras that take perfect, big, clear pictures. Its one of the things that makes someone look though your blog, it is for me. If I find a blog with amazing pictures I want to look at them all. A few year ago I don't think it really mattered as much but over the last few years it has definitely changed and with so many blogs now it definitely helps . I'm not saying go out and buy a DSLR, I've always used my phone for pictures! Just make use of the natural light, go near a window.Make your pictures large when you upload them. Get creative :)

3} Social Media
Social media is huge if you want to get your blog seen. I mean who's going to really find your blog if you don't share it? The internet is a huge place so share your blog with your friends on twitter and which ever other sites you feel comfortable sharing your blog on. Talking to people and getting to know other blogger's, it's always nice to have friends who blog too.

4} Organised
I definitely find having things jotted down in a note book helps massively if you have posts planned. Especially for reviews, writing down the dates and notes about the products as you use it is a huge help when you come to writing up posts. Any links you need or main point that you might forget. I had a planner that I used every single day with a check list at the end of the week and I have noticed a big difference since it ran out. {If you know of any good planners let me know}.

5}Find Inspiration
Looking on other blogs makes me want to post. If I see a post that looks pretty, it makes me want to sit down and do something on mine. Watching different TV programmes, going for a walk, look though your make up. If you are ever lacking inspiration just look on Pinterest. Although I would say if you don't have that inspiration, don't write wait until you do. Writing a post on something you don't care about shows and writing the post will feel like its taking forever. I've written posts before and just deleted then and not posted because I just wasn't in the mood. This last year I stopped posting as much as the year before because I had so much other stuff going on and some nights I just didn't have the inspiration about the post I wanted to do.But since changing my design,getting a better camera and getting organised again all I've wanted to do is write. Any free time I have I want to sit and blog and look at other blogs.

6} Blog for YOU!
100% the main thing when blogging is blog for you! If you are blogging or setting up a blog to get freebies it probably wont last and you wont get far. It can take a long time to get your blog going. Companies want to see some content and history to your while scrolling through your blog, only write about things that make you happy or you will lose motivation. For me, it's to look back through the years. Seeing my boys Jake,Cambell and my little girl Emme when they were little. I kind of look at it as an online diary and place to document what I've done. The amount of times I've wanted to use something I know I used in the past but couldn't remember the name I can just look back and find it. I love looking back on favourites posts and finding things that I forgot about and my weekly picture posts to see what I was doing a year ago. 

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12 August 2014

Miffy Books | { Miffy's First day | Miffy on holiday }

I love Miffy, everything and anything Miffy reminds me of when I was little. The first thing that I think of is painting Miffy in nursery I can remember exactly were I was and what everything looked like. Now having children myself and being able to see them enjoying things that I did makes me so happy. I'm sure most of you also remember Miffy... the books have been around since 1963!

Some new are being released in Waterstones on August 14th including Miffy's First Day, Draw with Miffy and Miffy out doors.

We were very kindly sent *Miffy's First day from the new collection and *Miffy on Holiday which was published earlier this year. Emme love's books I've read with her since she was little so she gets really excited when she see's a new book. It is Cambells first day at big school in a few weeks too so I think he will like Miffy's First day.

I have read these a few time with Emme now and they are still as great as I remember. I love that they have stickers in the back too, which you match to each page.

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10 August 2014

Sylvanian Families | Cosy Cottage & Chocolate Family

I loved Sylvanian families when I was little, I really wish I had all my old toys for Emme to play with but she now has her own little Sylvanian families Cosy cottage and chocolate rabbit family to play with. She loves it and move's the little rabbits around the house.

The Cosy Cottage comes with a bed, sink, kitchen table, stairs and Freya one of the rabbits. The up stairs can also be taken out, turned over and put on the front of the house as a garden which I think is great! I love that it can also be attached to the other houses to make a big house. The Chocolate family comes with a family of four rabbits. Father Fraiser, Mother Teri, Brother Coco and sister Freya.

Emme has played with these everyday since they arrived, even the boys have been playing with them too which I didn't expect but there has been a good few times I have seen them sat playing with it together. 

I am now hooked and want to collect them all for Emme, I love things that you can collect. *The Cosy Cottage is £24.99 which is great for a starter home and the *Chocolate family are £15.99.

I think the supermarket and nursery look so cute I just want to collect them all now. 

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